• Do you suffer with back pain?

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Introducing the Curble Chair

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The science of sitting

When you sit on a Curble, the chair's leverage effect encourages your spine into the correct posture, which reduces pressure on the spine by up to 30%. Curble lifts your coccyx naturally and disperses pressure, correcting and strengthening the core muscles in your body by supporting your waist.

Are you sitting comfortably?

"My Curble chair provides full lower back support, is comfortable unlike many other others, and naturally helps my posture. Highly recommended!"

Gen R.

"I get lower back pain quite a lot and sit at a desk for large parts of the day. Normally I would start slouching to compensate and try and get comfortable which I know is the worst thing to do. I've had the Curble for a few weeks and can already feel the difference!"

Dan W

"Suffering with back issues, working from home, I struggled to find a chair that I was able to use for a long period of time, until I was introduced to the Curble chair!"

Ms Richens

"Since I've started using the Curble there is no possible way to slouch, my posture whilst working is so much better and it has improved my lower back pain. We have a super comfy slouch sofa and when my back is bad I've started using it in the evenings on the sofa, works a treat."

Mr D Wilkinson

A Curble for everyone

Curble's air hallway system and fabric pattern help heat and moisture to evaporate, leaving you cool and comfortable even while seated for long periods.

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Corporate & Charity Pricing

Please contact us at info@curblechair.co.uk to discuss discounts available for orders of 10 units or more