How the Curble Chair Works

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Release the pressure

The Curble Chair naturally brings your hips together to disperse pressure that builds at the waist while sitting in a standard chair. This allows you to sit more comfortably, for longer.

Curble creates the optimum angle to support your back

The Curble's base is raised by up to 35 degrees, helping your body to lean forward naturally whilst in a sitting position.

The support of the Curble encourages your spine into the correct posture, which reduces pressure on the back by up to 30%.

Your coccyx is lifted which naturally disperses pressure on the spine and corrects the engagement of the core muscles in the abdomen and back.

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Coccyx lifting

Core muscle correction

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High elastic support

Comfortable waist support

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Leverage effect

Disperses pressure on the waist

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Air hallway system

Ventilation pathways circulate air to keep you cool